Meet the Family

Heidi Bock
Founder of Brave New Family,
Heidi’s Ramblings

Heidi was born and raised Catholic in the green, rainy Northwest. She hesitates to say she was homeschooled, more like “put in the way of things worth observing,” as Charlotte Mason said. She majored in music therapy at Marylhurst University in Marylhurst, Oregon before marrying her husband and becoming mama to their half a dozen homeschooled kids, ages 2-11 (#seven being due Nov ’15). She believes in Jesus, family, mochas, earrings, and Jim Gaffigan. She’s also a bit neurotic and never at a loss for words. Pour yourself a fresh pot and read through some of her verbose ramblings here.

Rachel Rubeck, Rachel’s Reading Nook

The home-schooled daughter of two avid readers, Rachel is a cradle Catholic who has been diving into books great and small for the better part of her life. She majored in English literature, drawing, watercolor painting, and art history in high school and continued with four years of advanced oil painting classes thereafter. She has had the privilege of being wife to her wonderful husband of nearly 15 years and the homeschooling mother to their five children. In her “spare” time, she loves drinking good coffee, baking, watercolor painting, hunting for out-of-print children’s books; and of course, reading to herself and her children . . . preferably fairytales . . . or C.S.Lewis. Check out her own blog here.

Rebekah Andrews, Bekah’s Basics

Rebekah Andrews is a 2001 graduate of Thomas Aquinas college. Married to Dave since 2001, Rebekah is mother to five children. She home schools her children and works for an online school. There is no spare time for hobbies because she has three children playing various sports, mostly soccer. Rebekah also writes at Moments in Mediocre Motherhood.

James Endres, Reads & Reels

James was born in the Pacific Northwest and homeschooled, but currently lives in Ojai California, where he works for Mother of Divine Grace School as a teacher and as head of the publishing department. He attended Thomas Aquinas College where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree, and is currently preparing to take the GRE in order to attend graduate school.

He has taught literature to high school juniors and seniors for seven years and is beginning his eighth. He is an avid consumer of books and movies, and is a self-professed nerd. His literary and cinematic tastes range from Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset, to The Return of the Jedi by George Lucas.

Katie Edson, Katie’s Kitchen

Katie was born and raised Catholic, first in Portland, Oregon, then in Birmingham, Alabama, where her father was Mother Angelica’s bodyguard from 1994-2001. She was thrilled to return to Portland in 2004. The oldest of ten children, all of whom are in various stages of homeschooling, she has a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Thomas Aquinas College and is currently working for her local parish as Event Coordinator. Her love of bringing people together over good food began in college and continues in various forms today. She likes coffee, the BBC, and rainy Oregon days, which, incidentally, make an excellent combination. Read through some of her delicious recipes here.

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